TCS NQT for 2021 Pass-Outs
TCS NQT for 2021 Pass-Outs

TCS NQT for 2021 Pass-Outs – also knows as TCS Ninja – is expected to happen on Oct 24, 25 and 26, 2020. TCS is expected to put up an official announcement imminently.

The dates have been confirmed by TCS and the partner colleges have been informed about them as well.

The registration process is expected to happen on TCS’s Campus Commune/ Next Step Platforms. Once the notification is out, the registration process will begin. Students from across the country who fit the eligibility criteria will be allowed to register for this process. Stay tuned to this space for updates on the registration and eligibility criteria.

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It is widely expected that the TCS NQT for 2021 Pass-Outs (National Qualifier Test, also known as the TCS Ninja) is expected to happen on Oct 24, 25 and 26, 2020. There’s an official notification that would appear from TCS soon, along with which the registration process will also start.

If you’re getting your preparation started, let’s try to understand the process from last year.

TCS NQT for 2021 Pass-Outs | Recruitment Process

The TCS NQT for 2021 Pass-Outs (National Qualifier Test also known as the Ninja) is primarily to hire candidates for the role of Ninja developer or Trainee Engineer.

Job role

TCS is hiring freshers in the name of TCS NQT for Ninja developer or Trainee Engineer Role.

Salary package

TCS Ninja package for freshers is 3.36 – 3.6 LPA.

TCS NQT for 2021 Pass-Outs | Recruitment Process FAQs

1. What is TCS NQT test?

It is is a test conducted by TCS to recruit freshers across the nation. This is a National test and hence would happen on the same date to everyone. It’s widely expected to happen on Oct 24, 25 and 26, 2020 this year for 2021 pass-outs.

2. What is the package for freshers in TCS NQT?

TCS offers 3.36 to 3.6 LPA for freshers who get recruited through this.

3. Are TCS Ninja and TCS NQT the same?

Yes, TCS has recruited freshers in the name of TCS Ninja in the year 2018. Since 2019, it is referred to as TCS NQT.

4. Is there a possibility of landing a TCS Digital job role through TCS NQT?

As of 2019, yes – this is possible. Toppers from NQT will be shortlisted to appear for a TCS Digital Test, followed by an Interview. This way, you can land a 7 LPA Digital job role at TCS.

5. What is the difference between TCS Digital and TCS NQT (Ninja)?

TCS Digital is a 7 LPA role that involves candidates working in the digital technology divisions on TCS (such as Big Data, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Block Chain etc. TCS Digital is having its recruitment process on Oct 3 and 4, 2020 in TCS Premium institutions.

TCS NQT (Ninja) is to recruit students for the 3.36 – 3.6 LPA job role. This is typically an All India Process (students from non-TCS Premium Institutions are also allowed to participate, as long as they fit the eligibility criteria).

6. What is the difference between TCS CodeVita and TCS NQT?

TCS CodeVita is primarily a competitive coding contest aimed at rewarding the top coders from across the globe. It starts with a Pre-Qualifier and top shortlisted candidates also move through further rounds to ultimately fight for a prize money. 

It is also an opportunity to land a direct interview for TCS. Rank-holders from the TCS CodeVita Pre-Qualifier are shortlisted and called for a Direct Interview (for the role of Ninja developer). If they perform well, they are given an opportunity to upgrade the package to TCS Digital too. The advantage of being called for a direct interview through CodeVita is that candidates need not attempt the Online Test that is conducted through the NQT (Ninja).

The NQT or the Ninja, on the other hand, is a direct recruitment process that begins with an Online Test, Tech Interview and then a Managerial/ HR Interview.

7. What are TCS Premium Colleges?

This is a list of colleges that are partnered/ accredited by TCS. It is the TCS Premium Colleges who are eligible for the Oct 3 and Oct 4, 2020 process of TCS Digital.

8. I am not from a TCS Premium College. Am I allowed to appear for the TCS NQT (Ninja)?

Yes. It is an All India Process.

9. What year pass-outs is this for?

This is for 2021 pass-outs.

10. How to register for TCS NQT?

TCS will open up an official notification along with the registration process. Stay tuned to this space on updates on the same.

11. I’m appearing for TCS Digital through my college, which is a TCS Premium College. If I fail to crack TCS Digital, will I be allowed to participate in the TCS NQT?

Yes, you can.

Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Refer this link to know about TCS NQT or Ninja pattern and syllabus – this link