Capgemini Off Campus Drive for 2021 Batch
Capgemini Off Campus Drive for 2021 Batch

Capgemini Placement Papers with solutions | Capgemini Recruitment Process for Freshers | Capgemini Test Pattern

Capgemini Placement Papers with solutions : Capgemini Recruitment Process Begin with Capgemini Online Written test which checks the Candidate’s basic aptitude in Mathematics, English, Reasoning, and IT skills. More Details about Capgemini Test Pattern and Capgemini Recruitment Process for Freshers are Discussed below:

Capgemini Placement Papers with Solutions:

Capgemini placement papers with detailed solutions are Discussed here. The most repeated questions which is asked in Capgemini on-campus and off-campus drives are discussed in this article.

1) Capgemini Recruitment Process: The Three Round of Capgemini Recruitment process are:

a) Written/Online test (4 sections)
b) Technical Round
c) HR round

2) Capgemini Test Pattern: The Written Test/online test for Capgemini off Campus Drive Which includes 4 sections. They are – Quantitative Aptitude, Logical/Analytical Reasoning, Essay Writing, Pseudo Code MCQ’s. 

RoundSectionNumber of questionsTime Allocated
Written/Online TestQuantitative Aptitude16 questions50 minutes
Logical reasoning16 questions
Essay writing1 question20 minutes
Pseudo Coding20 MCQs30 minutes

Capgemini Placement Papers – Quantitative Aptitude

1) The average salary of 3 teachers is 95 Rs. per week. If one earns Rs.115 and second earns Rs.65 how much is the salary of the 3rd teacher. [Average][Capgemini 2017]
Ans: 105

2) A 16 stored apartment has 12000 sq.feet on each floor. Company A rents 7 floors and company B rents 4 floors. What is the number of sq.feet of unrented floor space. [Numbers] [Capgemini 2018]
Ans: 60000

3) During a given week a person spends 1/4 of his time preparing flow chart, 3/8 of his time coding and the rest of the time in debugging the programs. If he works 48 hours during the week , how many hours did he spend debugging the program? 
Ans: 18

4) If 12 file cabinets require 18 feet of wall space, how many feet of wall space will 30 cabinets require? 

5) A computer printer produced 176,400 lines in a given day. If the printer was in operation for seven hours during the day, how many lines did it print per minute? 
Ans: 420

6) From its total income, a sales company spent Rs.20,000 for advertising, half of the remainder on commissions and had Rs.6000 left. What was its total income? [Equations] [Capgemini 2016]

Capgemini Placement Papers – Logical Reasoning

Here are few sample logical reasoning questions asked in the Capgemini placement papers

1) Data Arrangements: The only people to attend a conference were four ship captains and the first mates of three of those captains. The captains were L, M, N and O; the first mates were A, D and G Each person in turn delivered a report to the assembly as follows: Each of the first mates delivered their report exactly after his or her captain. The first captain to speak was M, and captain N spoke after him.[Capgemini 2017]

Among the following which is not an appropriate order of delivered reports?
a) M, A, N, G, O, L, D
b) M, D, N, G, L, O, A
c) M, N, A, L, D, O, G
d) M, N, A, O, D, L, G
e) M, N, G, D, O, L, A

Ans: e

2) In case L speaks after A, and A is the third of the first mates to speak, then among the following statements which would be untrue?

a) spoke immediately after G.
b) The order of the first four speakers was M, G, N, D.
c) O’s first mate was present.
d) A was the fourth speaker after M.
e) The captains spoke in the order M, N, O, L.

Ans: A

3) Among the following statements which statement must be true?
a) In case the second speaker was a captain, the seventh speaker was a first mate.
b) In case the second speaker was a first mate, the seventh speaker was a captain.
c) In case the third speaker was a first mate, the seventh speaker was a captain.
d) In case the third speaker was a captain, the seventh speaker was a first mate.
e) In case the seventh speaker was a first mate, the first and third speakers were captains.

Ans: a

4) Syllogisms:

Statements: [Capgemini 2017]
No door is dog.
All the dogs are cats.
1) No door is cat.
2) No cat is door.
3) Some cats are dogs
4) All the cats are dogs.
a) Only (2) and (4)
b) Only (1) and (3)
c) Only (3) and (4)
d) Only (3)
e) All the four

Ans: d

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Capgemini Placement Papers – Essay Writing

Here are few essay writing topics which have been asked in the Capgemini off campus drives
1) Social media has made it easier to misuse one’s right to freedom of expression.
2) Violent video games affect children negatively.
3) Success comes to those who take risks.
4) People today are more materialistic and less satisfied as compared to previous generations.
5) Do you think progress is always good? Cite examples to support your view.

Capgemini Placement Papers – Pseudo Code MCQ’s

1) What is the time complexity of searching for an element in a circular linked list?
a) O(n)
b) O(nlogn)
c) O(1)
d) None of the mentioned

Ans: Option A

2) In the worst case, the number of comparisons needed to search a singly linked list of length n for a given element is
a) log 2 n
b) n2
c) log 2 n – 1
d) n

Ans: Option D

3) What will be the output if limit = 6?

Read limit
n1 = 0, n2= 1, n3=1, count = 1;
while  count <= limit
print n3
n3 = n1 + n2
n1 = n2
n2 = n3
End While

a) 1235813
b) 12358
c) 123581321
d) 12358132

Ans: Option A

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